Zentangle - Journals


$ 29.95 

Zentangle Journal - Shades

What a thrill to introduce a new member in the Zentangle Journal series. This journal is the perfect place to collect tangled explorations on toned surfaces. Enjoy beautiful blank pages of tan, gray, black and ivory. Tangling on different toned papers offers a fun and exploratory way to play with the dimension of tangles. Enjoy working with different colored inks and pencils and beyond on the pages of this soon to be tangled masterpiece.  Approximate size 9.5" x 6".

Zentangle Pre-strung Journal

The Zentangle Pre-strung Journal has artists quality ecru paper for all your Zentangle thoughts. Use this journal to log tangles and Zentangle inspired art. Fill the blank pages by making notes, working through ideas, thoughts and tangle inspirations; your options are endless. The paper is thick and opaque enough so your musings will not see through from the other side and stitched binding allows them to be laid flat. 

The Renaissance-like paper on the cover begs to be tangled. Allow the journey to unfold slowly. 

The Pre-strung Zentangle journal was designed as a companion to the Zentangle Primer - Volume 1. Amongst the pages of this journal, you will find some blank and some printed pages. Each unique page is printed with images from strings, places to log tangle step-outs, study pages and more. Use the study pages for fragments and reticula...and much, much more! 

Zentangle Journal - Blank

This journal is the perfect place to collect tangled explorations. Enjoy beautiful blank pages of ivory. 

Approximate size 9.5" x 6".