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Birds and Blooms (3-Day Workshop) (Second Workshop)
Instructor:  Elizabeth St. Hilaire
Date: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday May 21st thru May 23rd 2019
Time:  10:00 – 5:00
Workshop Fee: $425.00

Class Description: 

Create colorful petals and plumage with your own hand-painted collage papers and a variety of media. We will make collage papers exclusively with Gel Plate mono printing techniques and then adhere them overtop of an underpainting to form an impressionistic, painterly birds and blooms collage! All levels welcome, some painting experience helpful, but not necessary.

A video and homework assignment will be sent to all students.  The assignment must be completed prior to class.

Student Supply List: These items are required

  • PENCIL AND ERASER for sketching your image
  • REFERENCE IMAGE sized to fit your canvas panel, printed out on basic copy paper, non photo paper
  • GRAPHITE TRANSFER PAPER to transfer your reference image to the substrate if you struggle with drawing.
  • RICE PAPER, Hosho or Shuji Gami Kozo Paper Roll. Washi or Unyuri white papers with and without fibers/texture. (Will be available at The Queen’s ink)
  • VARIETY OF FOUND PAPERS, sheet music, maps, wallpaper, hand written notes, old book pages, handmade papers, deli paper, white tissue – variety of thickness and textures. Most of you have wonderful stashes of papers just perfect for this project.
  • DECORATIVE PAPERS, papers you purchase at your local art supply store with fiber, embossing, metallic patterning, iridescent patterning. Please purchase in white or natural if possible, this allows for the most color options.
  • NO MAGAZINES or shiny coated printed papers
  • GEL PRESS MONOPRINTING PLATE AND BRAYER Gel printing plate and hard rubber brayer
  • GOLDEN FLUID ACRYLIC PAINTS & WHITE GESSO for under-painting on wood panel (Size 10x10 or 12x12) AND hand-painting papers -- colors of your choice, keeping in mind the subject matter and your ability to mix color. Small container of gesso for adding white to certain paint colors. Bring your favorite colors. We will also have paints to share
  • PAINT BRUSHES (various sizes and shapes) for painting your bird image and applying glue. Use what you have on hand. I like Princeton Catalyst short handle #8 filbert specifically for glue application.
  • LIQUITEX GLOSS GEL MEDIUM, this is the collage glue. Please purchase Liquitex brand GLOSS
  • WATER CONTAINER & DOLLAR STORE VINYL TABLE CLOTH/SHOWER CURTAIN for table cover and/or to dry papers on
  • PAPER TOWELS for cleanup
  • PAPER PLATES for paint mixing palette
  • GALLON PLASTIC ZIP BAGS For organizing papers to take home

SUGGESTED supplies:

  • *WOOD PANELS I work on wood panel, either cut down 1/8 inch sanded birch plywood or 1-7/8 inch deep cradled wood painting panels. size 10x10 or 12x12. This  panel  requires a clear or opaque gesso primer coat. (see homework assignment.)
  • PALETTE PAPER A pad of shiny surface palette paper 12x16 for painting papers on and moving them while wet

PROVIDED supplies:

SHARED DURING CLASS The instructor will bring to share for the duration of class, string, masking tools, etc. for experimentation on the Gel Press Mono Printing Plate. Elizabeth will also bring Stencils to share, however you may want to bring some of your own favorites.


Any products or supplies required for the workshop will be available for purchase.

You can call in advance if you like and we can put supplies aside for you. Call the store at  301-497-9449