Workshop | Abstract Brushstrokes: Foundation in Painting with Kellee Wynne Conrad

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Abstract Brushstrokes: Foundation in Painting
Instructor: Kellee Wynne Conrad
Date: Sunday, February 24th, 2019
Time: 10:30 - 5:00
Fee: $125


This is the acrylic painting foundation class you’ve been waiting for! We will be exploring how to make our mark, literally, with the brush to achieve all different types of results when we paint. Keeping it strictly abstract this time, we will be able to play with our paint just to get the best feel for how it all moves together on the canvas. Learn how to pick an appealing color palette to make an effective abstract painting that relies completely on the harmony of your colors and the design you make when the brush touches the canvas.

We will learn which brushes to use, the purpose of each medium, how to blend and transition colors, how to pick a pleasing palette, design and composition for abstract painting and alternative mark making without a brush.

You’ll walk away from Abstract Brushstrokes with a better understanding of the materials, marks and mediums used when painting with acrylic paints.

The True Colors Art Program™ is an ongoing series of painting courses designed by Kellee Wynne Studios to help any artist learn the foundation of acrylic painting while still having fun. Let’s build confidence while finding your true style in an easy, relaxed setting. By painting in an abstract manner, you can approach the canvas with the confidence of knowing that anything goes when you’re creating loose and free.

Art Journal, extra heavy paper for practice.

Golden Acrylic Fluid Paints in Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow and Primary Magenta (4oz. Size or larger) OR a variety of YOUR favorite fluid paint colors

Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints in Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow and Primary Magenta, Titanium White (4oz. Size or larger) OR a variety of YOUR favorite heavy body paint colors

A variety of brushes in a range of sizes. Flat size 6, 10 and 12 are especially recommended. (Princeton Catalyst is the teacher’s favorite)

Professional grade Gesso, like Liquitex

Palette for mixing paint

Palette knife

Any acrylic mediums you want help learning how to use.

**Queen's Ink will provide (2) 11x14 canvas boards