Workshop | She’s Come Unhinged; “Nitty Gritty” Mica and Collage Necklace with Jen Cushman

The Queen's Ink

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Get down to the “Nitty Gritty”  and join Jen Cushman for three quick and pretty workshops.  Jen’s traveling from her home base in Arizona to the East Coast and she just had to make a quick stop at her favorite art store with the most talented customers! (Jen’s words, not the Queen’s but we’ll take it!) As part of her fly-by to The Queen’s Ink, In true mixed media fashion she’ll be teaching a variety of quick and pretty  techniques in plaster, resin, paper collage and jewelry.  In each of the three workshops , Jen will cover the nuts and bolts , the “Nitty Gritty”  of style and skill . If you're thrifty, one or all of the "Nitty Gritty,” quick and pretty workshops are just for you!  We hope you will join us.  Read  details below.

Friday Evening Class:

She’s Come Unhinged; "Nitty Gritty” Mica and Collage Necklace
Guest artist:  Jen Cushman
Date:  Friday evening, February 28t,  2020
Time:  6:30 - 9:00
Class Fee:  $34.00


Description: Paper artists this is a terrific class if you’re interested in making jewelry but just aren’t quite ready to buy all the tools and beads and stuff that goes along with it. Learn to collage small and then how to use mica, brads, jump rings and silk sari  ribbon (Stuff most of us already have) to create fun and colorful necklaces.  All materials are provided, just bring your scissors.

Note: from the queen:  Trust me, this is a great piece of Jewelry and has lots of possibilities.  You will want to make several of these