Workshop | Express Yourself with Laura Hummel

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$ 85.00 
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Express Yourself
Saturday, Jan. 27th / 10:30 - 5:00 
Instructor: Laura Hummel
Class fee: $85.00


Come and join us for a fun-filled day of self-expression. Even if you have never drawn a portrait, you will gain skills to paint yourself or someone from your imagination. You will be impressed at how creative you really are! We will begin by doing a collage on a stretched canvas using various papers, tissue, fabric, and laces. As this dries we will practice some basic drawing lessons of faces, eyes, lips, and various hair styles. Learn how shading defines the face. Feel free to bring your art journal if you have one for drawing (you can always paint over something you do not like). Then we will learn some basic paint mixing techniques and add embellishments. When completed we will use resin to make our portraits really pop!


Bring your basic kit (including a variety of brushes)

Stretched canvas  (I prefer 9 X12, 14X18 or 16X20, 12X12 or larger)

Regular matte gel (prefer Golden’s)

You may also want to bring fabric scraps, text scraps or book pages, paper flowers, or purchase scrap packs from the Queen

Some doodads to imbed in the collage. Adding a personal piece of jewelry, a message, fabric, key, or other memorabilia makes this so personal

Paints, resin, and many collage materials will be provided. If you do the resin at the shop you will need to bring a large enough cookie tray or flat box to bring it home or let it stay at the shop overnight.