Workshop | Timeless Arches with Kellee Wynne

The Queen's Ink

$ 125.00 
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Timeless Arches
Instructors:  with Kellee Wynne
Date: Saturday, January 13, 2018
Time:  10:30 – 5:30
Class Fee: $125.00


The Queen’s Ink is delighted to announce and welcome the addition of Kellee Wynn, of Kellee Wynne Studios in Annapolis, Maryland to our staff of local artists teaching in 2018. I have followed Kellee for a few years and think she is truly a gifted artist and know you will  love her too. Timeless Arches is the first of her workshops and I absolutely think the concept and the color palette are beautiful. I think this will be one of my all-time favorites.  We already a series of other classes Kellee will be teaching this year, we are working on dates now. Watch for her Queen of Hearts class scheduled in February.

Workshop Description: “Timeless Arches” is a mixed media class developed by Kellee Wynne Studios. Come create projects with local artist and teacher, Kellee Wynne, that will transport you back to a romantic period of time with classic architecture and vintage women. Learn how to create interesting layers of texture in your artwork with paint, paper, mark making and classic line drawing. No worries if you’re not a drawer, we will have architecture templates to make the results effortless. Complete the work with a touch of gold to really make it stand out.

We will finish several pieces on beautiful  kraft  colored printmakers paper in varying sizes and one finished painting on 11x14 cradled board, ready to hang!

 Student Supply List:

  1. Art Journal for sketching and “Mop-up”
  2. Basic kit, including  paper towels, palette or palette paper, baby wipes, apron, etc.)
  3. Brayer
  4. Brushes
  5. Graphite, charcoal
  6. Gel Medium (Golden)

Instructor Will provide:

Stencils, mark making tools to share (Bring your favorite pattern or architecture stencils if you have them)

Collage Papers

22x30 sheet of Stonehenge Kraft Paper

Cradleboard 11x14

Paint (Golden): White, black, titan white, VanDyke brown, gold Pen, Gold leaf, leafing adhesive

Here is a link to Kellee’s website