Workshop| Reverse Painting on Glass w/Lynn Leahy

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Workshop| Reverse Painting on Glass
Instructor: Lynn Leahy
Date:  Sunday, March 8, 2020
Time: 9:30 -5:30
Class Fee:  $158

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Class Description: 

Reverse painting on glass is the process of painting on one side of glass knowing it will be viewed on the opposite side. Sounds difficult but once you understand the technique it is really fun and the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

This class will focus on a three dimensional process.
Each student will work on a 12 inch round bowl using very simple shapes so the painting process can be completed in a day.

This technique uses a paint layering concept that I developed over years of experience and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

In the beginning we will work out your surface composition on the bowl and I will show you how to draw or trace a design.

I encourage you to bring your own original drawings but if you are more comfortable with a commercial design from a stencil or book please bring them.

Fruit, flowers, geometric shapes... whatever your style just keep them large and simple.

Each procedure for reverse painting will be demonstrated as we go along.

I will do my best to work with each of you individually as well as the class as a whole covering
the painting process I use. The ways to seal and preserve the piece will also be addressed.

Student Supply list: (all student required products are available at The Queen’s Ink)

The supplies for this class are very brand specific. Please bring only that brand if it is listed. The reason: I have done all the experimenting for you and you get the benefit of my original failings. Not all paint and sealers are the same even if the information on the label seems comparable.

Lynn will provide:

12 inch round glass bowl
Steel wool
Sharpie Brand marker pens ,ultra fine
Parchment paper
Written instructions


Heavy body acrylics:
My preference is Golden Brand acrylics. They have a beautiful saturation of color that works incredibly well with the glass.

Liquitex brand is also nice if that is what you work with.
Tube or jar style work equally well.

Bring as many colors as you want but you must include a black and Titanium white.
Please do not bring liquid craft paints.

Palette for your paints:
Acrylic paint can dry out quickly so I always have a covered palette to mix and preserve the paint. It saves a lot of money in the long run.

Mod Podge brand gloss luster sealer.:
Please be sure it is gloss not matte finish.

Various size brushes for acrylics to include a fine detail brush and a 2 inch wide brush. The wide brush is for the sealer and it just makes it go faster to have a larger brush. This can be a lower quality but do not bring a foam brush.

Water based varnish:
Satin or gloss finish. Golden and Liquitex are equally good.

A larger design will help you keep the painting process stress free. For example :if you prefer flowers have the flower design around 3 inches in size. The pears on the sample bowl are approximately 2-4inches....I drew various sizes.

From clear glass to a finished work of art.