Workshop | Crinkly Inkly Book with Helen Shafer Garcia

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Crinkly Inkly Book with Helen Shafer Garcia
Instructor: Helen Shafer Garcia
Date: Saturday, May 19th 2018
Time: 10-5
Class Fee:  $130

Workshop Description:  Create an extraordinary multi signature end band hand bound book with inked and painted Masa papers. You’ll learn at least 5 techniques in this workshop including dropped- in color, ink batik lines, Masa paper process, and book binding techniques to stitch signatures with end bands. We will explore a special batik-like technique with Masa rice paper to create the folios and cover papers with stamps, acrylic inks and watercolor washes.The paper quality is ever so soft in the finished book...a book you’ll love to pick up again and again. Students will take home a hand bound book with inked and painted signatures. This class is recommended for all levels.

Helen will bring to share: stamps and stamp pads, foam brushes, brushes for inks, and other tools to use while in class.

Student Supply list:

Scissors, Metal ruler, 1 or more round watercolor brushes:  #12, #10 or #14, Watercolors: pan or personal palette (a Prang set will work or tube watercolors set in a palette), Acrylic satin or gloss medium,  1 book binding needle, Water container,  #2b pencil, Permanent ink pen- white, black or dark color

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