Moonlight Duo Ink Pads - Assorted Colors

The Moon and The Maker

$ 8.99 
SKU: mlduo-red

Introducing Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink Pads.

We are so excited to share this brand-new, innovative ink pad dreamed up by Kae Pea!


Designed with the hue on one side and an opaque white on the other, allows you to create wonderful gradients, shades, tints and color combinations all with a few swipes of the pad! 9 color combinations available. 


The ink is hybrid ink which is quick drying like a dye but with the permanence of a pigment.


All acid free, archival and waterproof.


Each 2.25 x 3.5 pad is raised felt, to ink stamps of any size.


$8.99 each or $75.o0 for the whole 9-color collection ($6.00 savings!)