Workshop | Love Your Selfie; Wire and Wax Collage on Wood Board with Jen Cushman

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$ 65.00 
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Love Your Selfie; Wire and Wax Collage on Wood Board
Instructor:  Jen Cushman
Date: Sunday, October 21st, 2018
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (30 minute lunch break. Bring your own or order from the Grill)
Class Fee: $65.00

Class Description:

Remember when you were young and crazy enough to throw a couple of T-shirts and a cute dress into a backpack, withdraw the last $50 from your checking account and take off for the weekend with your best girlfriend in search of adventure? Remember when freedom was that easy breezy? For me those days are long gone, but whenever I get the urge to find my inner wild child I head into my studio to make a little magic. It was one of these kinds of days that I created my Love Your Selfie collage on wood panel. I mean what else can you do with all those “all about me” pics other than leaving a trail of them on your Instagram and Facebook feeds? Print out a few of your favorite .jpgs and join me for a day of healthy narcissism where we wax poetic about ourselves. Rip and tear paper, put your head on a new body, add three-dimensional elements likes wings or a crown, paint, sgraffito into beeswax, make marks, freeform bend wire and generally jubilate about this crazy little thing called life. When you finish with this piece, not only will you have laughed out loud from singing along to a couple bad 80s songs in class, but you’ll remember the wildness inside of you. Most of all you’ll have a day of pure FUN. When is the last time your life has been all about you?

Supplies to bring:

Basic tool kit, one foam brush for paint, 3-4 selfie photos professionally printed at your local photo place, a fashion magazine to rip up and for collage, any of you favorite ephemera or stamps with special meaning to you, favorite saying or poem or a collection of words/stickers/papers/images that tell a narrative of your interests and passions, pair of junk pliers, wire snips. We will have lots to share, too. You might want to bring a couple rolls of your favorite patterned washi tape if you have it because it’s so fun to incorporate into this playful project.

Instructor will provide wood board panels, steel wire, beeswax and ephemera papers and paper scraps to use.