Workshop | “STEAMIE” 24" Steampunk Dress Form with Candy Rosenberg

The Queen's Ink

$ 130.00 
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“STEAMIE” 24" Steampunk Dress Form
Instructor: Candy Rosenberg
Date:  Sunday October 14th, 2018
Time:  10:30 – 5:00
Workshop Fee: $130


Class Description:

This is an exclusive Queens Ink workshop created and taught by Candy Rosenberg, well known for her Vintage Steampunk paper dress forms, that includes a beautiful 24" dress form on a stand. In this workshop  you will be working with a custom canvas corset from Canvas Corp along with 7 Gypsies paper and lots of Prima flowers and embellishments as well Candy will show you how to create one of her favorite designs from start to finish. Some of the paper crafting techniques you will learn are, Punching and inking paper,  how to create rust effects on  canvas, and cutting and curling  paper, Be inspired by the beautiful Prima flowers, ribbon, gears and leaves...oh my! You will be provided with all the goodies you need to create this beautiful piece of art. All you need is your favorite scissors and something small to wrap the paper around, like a crochet or knitting needle, or a bamboo skewer or dowel. And don't forget your smile cuz this is a full day of creative fun. 

While Candy is here in June she will be  entering one of her life size creations in the ManneqArt Madness  Sculpture on the Human Form Competition. I have seen the early start of her wearable creation and it is a stunner!!! Maybe this will inspire you to compete in next year’s event.