Nathalie Kalbach - Stroll Through the Hood Set #2 - Rubber Art Stamps


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Stroll Through the Hood Set 2 ( 6 Stamps) - NK1004S - Rubber Art Stamps (CLING mount only)

from Nathalie K n* Studio and RubberMoon

Set includes the following 6 designs: 

1. NK5581M "Main Station"   approx size (4”w x 3 ½”h)
2. NK5582J   "E-Train"            approx size (3 ½” w x 2 ½”h)
3. NK5583J   "Warehouse"     approx size (3 ¼”w x 2 ½”h)
4. NK5584F   "U.S. Mailbox"  approx size (1 ¼”w x 2”h)
5. NK5585F   "U.S. Flag"        approx size (1 ½”w x 1 ¼”h)
6. NK5586D   "Hydrant"          approx size (½”w x 1 ¼”h)

The Stroll Through the Hood stamps are inspired by places and objects in Nathalie’s own neighborhood of Jersey City, as well as by her blog series of the same name. She gathers inspiration as she sketches and photographs on her strolls, and is attracted to the historic architecture, forgotten landmarks, and the street art that she passes along the way. These original hand sketched stamp designs are reminiscent of things you might find in towns and cities across the US.