Traveler's - Notebook Refill - Reg. Size #018


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Midori | Traveler's Notebook Refill | Reg. Size - Free Diary #018

These are refills that you set in the regular sized TRAVELER’S notebook.
We prepared various types of refills ranging from notebooks, binders, repair kits, pockets, and sticky notes. For the notebooks, we have the ones that use MD papers, construction papers, crafted papers, and other various types depending on your needs. This is for you to choose the ones that best fit your interests and to freely customize your TRAVELER’S notebook.

Starting from September 25, 2016,The format of 018 Refill Free Diary will changed to a new version.
Before, Saturdays and Sundays had a smaller space compared to other days, but from new version, the entire week will have an equal amount of space. For travelers, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. We reflected the voice of those users into our product.

Weekly Vertical pages (for 28 weeks, half a year), monthly pages: 64 pages in total, MD Paper (Sewn Bound)
* Since a bundle contains pages for half a year, you need two to cover a whole year.
H210 x W110 x D4mm