"To the Moon and Back" with Dee Gray - Saturday, September 25th

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"To the Moon and Back"

Mixed Media Assemblage

Instructor: Dee Gray
When: Saturday, September 25th, 2021
Time: 10:30am-5:00pm
Class Fee: $175

(Please bring your own lunch)

Assemblage, a dimensional version of collage that uses collected and repurposed objects to form a cohesive creation will capture your imagination with its depths, layers and vital skills.

Dee Gray will introduce you to an exploration of techniques including painting, layering, stenciling, and distressing of this unique, vintage style creation, measuring 14'' tall. We will discuss design aspects which include embellishing with faceted glass beads, German glitter glass, tin light reflectors, clay and wood objects. You will learn to determine the best adhesive choices for different substrates. Her invaluable skills can be used in any and all aspects of your creative artistic expressions, giving your work a sense of value and meaning. Dee will also provide a variety of word banners for you to select from such as: “I love you to the moon and back”, “SWEET DREAMS”, “SHOOT FOR THE MOON” and “SHINE ON”.

Bring your imagination, curiosity, and the materials listed below to create your assembled work of art, and leave with skills that will allow you to create more of your own assemblage pieces.

PLEASE BE COURTEOUS! Plan your arrival no later than 10:15am for set-up. The workshop begins promptly at 10:30am. Thank you.

We Will Provide:
-One 6x9x1.5’’ Unfinished Cradled Wood Box and 8x3’’ Base
-Unfinished wood crescent moon, 4 spoke wheels, semi-circle and stars
-Premade Polymer Clay Wings and Heart
-Tin Light Reflector
-Silver German Glass Glitter
-Paints, Glaze & Waxes
-Word Banner

STUDENTS Please Bring:
-Two or three strands of faceted glass beads (variety of small sizes-see photo)
-Stencil Brush (.75 inch or 1 inch round)
-Variety of Paint Brushes (1/2 inch, 1 and 2 inch flat)
-WeldBond Glue
-E-6000 glue-transparent in gray tube
-Small bottle of ModPodge “MATTE” or Gel Medium “MATTE” finish
-Lint Free Cloth
-Roll of Paper Towels
-Ten Q-tips and tooth picks
-Water Jar
-Gloves if sensitive to paints or adhesives