Workshop | Scrap Metal Mirror with Andy Skinner

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$ 110.00 
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Workshop | Scrap Metal Mirror with Andy Skinner
Instructor:  Andy Skinner
Date: Saturday, September 1, 2018
Time: 10:30 – 5:00
Class Fee:  $110.00

Class Description: 

The ultimate “Ikea Hack.” What a great project, transform an ordinary mirror into a fantastic faux scrap metal, Industrial look home décor project. Andy has designed this workshop full of great paint techniques that will give you several faux metal looks. This is one of his signature projects.      

Note from the Queen: So It’s finally happening! Andy Skinner is really going to be here for a weekend that will include two fantastic projects and a Gelli Plate workshop. I’ve been writing (read begging) Andy for several years to teach at The Queen’s ink. When he wrote to me a few months ago and said he had some time this year, and was I still interested in him teaching here…..I did the Queenly Happy Dance! And shouted “YES!”  “It’s Good to Be Queen!” This is the first of three workshops that Andy will be teaching . He is a great instructor, a wonderful artist and a charming guy! I am delighted to bring you this opportunity. There is something for everyone……. All levels of students, from the novice to the seasoned artist, are welcome. Don’t miss out on this fantastic selection of workshops. I’m delighted that he’s able to make time in his schedule this year and hope you can schedule time to learn from him as well.

Student supply list: Andy will provide the Ikea mirror substrate for you to transform, and Deco Art Fluid Acrylic paints. Bring your basic kit – your “Must Haves” that should include, pencil, ruler, scissors, Non-stick craft mat. And the following tools suggested by Andy that are shown below. If need be, all of these supplies can be purchased at The Queen’s Ink.