Cutting Room Floor

Cutting Room Floor
January 7th [Saturday] / 10:00 - 5:30
Guest Instructor: Seth Apter
Class fee: $125.00

With the advent of smartphones and photo apps we have all quickly become expert photographers, sharing our images by email and across social networks. We rarely print them out...and the older ones we have are tucked away or in boxes, basically on "The Cutting Room Floor". Join Seth in this workshop and relive the "good old days" when pictures were actually held in our hands and not stored on our phones. This workshop will take ordinary photographs and turn them extraordinary through a series of hand-altered, subtractive and additive techniques. Using mixed media supplies such as paints, inks and markers that you bring, a few surprises that he will bring, and your creative imagination, you will take your photographs to the next level.

Once the photos are altered, we will focus on learning ways to integrate these photographs into mixed media artwork. Techniques for developing layered backgrounds with acrylic paint and ink will be introduced and approaches to creating complex and cohesive layers with mixed media material reviewed. Are you ready for your Photo Op?

Student Supply List: (Please note you have the option to work in your journal or on loose sheets of watercolor paper. Set will provide the paper but feel free to bring and work in your journal.)

  • Photographs (bring a large selection of images all on glossy paper; professionally processed photos and home printed photos will work; choose a few B&W photos
  • Watercolor paint
  • White gesso
  • Fluid acrylic paint (assorted colors)
  • Waterbrush (or small paint brushes and water container)
  • Paint brushes (1 inch/ 1/2 inch cheap bristle brushes work well)
  • Water container and paint palette
  • Favorite adhesive for collage
  • Scissor
  • Water mister
  • Favorite mark making tools (pens, markers, pencils, paint pens, etc. Please include black and white fine tip journaling pens)
  • Dye Ink Pads
  • Water-based brush pens (Tombow are my favorites)
  • Awl
  • Craft or make-up Sponges
  • Assorted designed paper (hand painted, handmade, decorative, scrapbook, etc.
  • Stamps and permanent ink pads (optional as I will have a variety for shared use, but feel free to bring your own favorites)
  • Instructor will provide: Extra photographs, assorted mixed media embellishments, watercolor paper, metal plates, stamps & stencils to share, and all basic supplies on the list to share (in case you are unable to find or bring something).