Four Mixed Media Vignette Boxes

Four Mixed Media Vignette Boxes
February 18th [Saturday] / 10:00 - 4:00
Instructors: ShaDeeLa
Class fee: $75.00

Remember the fascination with dioramas as a kid? They just seemed to contain the world in a box. Now's your chance to create four small, vintage style Vignette Boxes that promise to be keepsakes! Dee Gray and her sister Deb Rolig will guide you through the process of creating a set of vignettes that have depth, personality and most of all...wonder! You will learn layering techniques with paint, distressing, special finishes, and assembling objects of personal interest. Incorporating words and messages will top off this one of a kind mixed media art that will be ready to display by the end of class. See actual samples displayed at the Queen's Ink.

Student supply list: Your Basics, plus:

  • Found objects, mini lovelies, treasured embellishments and ephemera such as: Watch parts, keys, charms, mini bottles, filigree, vintage jewelry pieces, crystals, frozen charlotte dolls, hearts, small statuary, rusted objects and other interesting enhancements. THINK SMALL: Please note that boxes are small in sizes tiered up to 4x5-1/2" width 1-1/4" depth)
  • Paint brushes 3/4" - 1" wide flat paintbrush and various other sizes
  • E6000 clear-transparent adhesive in gray tube
  • X-Acto Knife & Scissors
  • Cotton or lint-free cloth for polishing dark wax
  • 10+ Cotton Swabs (Q-tips)
  • Optional: Medium or rough sand paper or bring electric sander if you have one