Royal Guests

Join us at our Brick and Mortar location for a myriad of art classes, demos and workshops offered throughout each month all year 'round. Our Staff Artists serve up offerings fit for a Queen and The Queen herself is proud and honored to host Royal Artisans from all across the land.
Check back often to meet our Court and our Royal Guests.
dyan reaveley

About Dyan Reaveley
Mixed Media Artist Dyan Reaveley teaches and demos and is known for her creativity with layering color, images and thought-provoking collages.

Dyan’s unique eclectic style comes through in her vibrant color combinations of inks and paints, using text as an insightful design element and the clever use of imagery in her artwork.

As a Ranger Signature Designer, Dyan has a line of art journaling and mixed-media art supplies that includes ink sprays, paints, paint pens, inks, stamps, stencils, journals and ephemera.
Dyan owns and operates a teaching and design studio Art from the Heart in Harrogate, in the north of England. Dyan’s mission is to introduce everyone to the fabulous therapy that is art journaling and creating mixed-media art. Dyan has four grown children and the most gorgeous grandchildren in the world.


About Lynn Leahy
I grew up in Portland Oregon and was lucky to have a mother and grandmother who were teachers and artists. They nurtured my love for drawing and painting and very early on I knew I would be an artist. I studied art and business in college and obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. College introduced me to sculpting and that became one of my passions along with painting. Over the years I have explored many artistic mediums one of these being; reverse painting on glass.

I first discovered reverse glass painting at an art gallery in San Francisco. I was mesmerized by these tiny Eastern European reverse painted glass tiles of a circus theme. The Circus is a theme I am particularly fond of. They were beautiful and I knew I wanted to find out how to do this. After much research I discovered there wasn't a lot of information on this art process so I came up with my own modern version of this technique and have been enjoying it as well as refining it for years.

I am happy to be able to share this with others and enjoy the process of teaching immensely.

When I’m not working with glass I sculpt with clay. PaperClay is a particular favorite of mine and in the past few years I have added it to my teaching curriculum.

For the past six years I have participated in designing and teaching a workshop retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with my artist group Tesoro Del Corazon. In addition to this, I have been fortunate to add La Cascade, a workshop in Southern France. Travel, adventure, and foreign culture are great passions of mine and to be able to combine my art/teaching and travel together is pure heaven.

Many of the countries and cultures I have been exposed to influence my artwork and photos from my travels serve me well for inspiration. I am blessed with two grown sons and beautiful granddaughter all of whom are very good artists and a supportive husband who, by the way, is not artistic but certainly loves to appreciate art.



About Katherine England

Katherine is a prolific visual artist who also teaches in schools, in her studio, and at art retreats nationwide. In addition to creating and promoting public works of art, Katherine has taught and has been an activist for art education in the public school system for nearly twenty years.

Her favorite medium right now is glass and she loves breaking, nipping, melting, and coaxing it into playful patterns and whimsical figures. Her largest mosaic piece is 40' by 8' but she also enjoys playing with tinier pieces.

A variety of people and institutions seek out Katherine to create unique commissioned pieces for their offices, stores, and places of employment, and her work can be seen in both private and public collections throughout the United States.

Katherine's studio location:  221 N. Woods Avenue, Fullerton, CA  92832.

jen cushman

About Jen Cushman

Jen Cushman is a natural storyteller who found mixed media art 17 years ago and never looked back. She’s drawn to the imperfect, the funky, the quirky, the artsy and the authentic. She’s the author of Making Metal Jewelry; How to Stamp, Forge, Fold and Form Metal Jewelry Designs (North Light 2013) and co-author of Explore, Create, Resinate Jewelry (Ranger Ink 2016). Jen’s art has been published in numerous national publications including Belle Armoire Jewelry, Jewelry Affaire, Somerset Studios, Somerset Workshop, Somerset Home, Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine, Wirework, Bead Style and more. She’s also done six instructional art DVDs with F+W Media. An enthusiastic and supportive instructor, Jen teaches more than art-making techniques. She encourages others to explore their creative process to make work infused with personal significance and intention. Learn more at

About Kae Pea

Kae Pea is a designer, instructor, illustrator, painter and creative moon beam. It is not uncommon to find her in her studio, experimenting with numerous creative projects, a wide variety of mediums or maybe dabbling with digital art, all on any given day! 

She was, until 2011 at age forty five, a self taught, mixed-media artist, when she went on to receive her B.F.A. in Studio Art from Maryville University in Saint Louis. In 2012 she took over RubberMoon Art Stamps, and merged her love of paper crafts and illustration with her passion for art. She brings her enthusiasm and knowledge to like-minded creative souls through live and online workshops all across the USA and abroad.

Kae Pea is a firm believer in the magical powers of art making and loves nothing more than to share her ideas, inspire and empower others to 'get makey' and live their creative dreams.

Originally from the California Bay Area, Kae Pea lives and operates The Moon and The Maker Creative Space in a historic little river town in the Midwest. She is married to a great guy and business partner, has three amazing kids and three spoiled cats. 

Artist's Statement:
"Making art gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on a daily basis. Each painting, for me, feels like the chance of a lifetime, and every time I begin to create, I am challenged to contemplate and experiment anew. I have learned that intuition and impulses during the act of creating are worthy voices to be heard. And I believe that it takes courage to listen and to follow. My artwork is an eclectic mixture in both medium and content. It is ultimately unified by love, life, change and courage."

Please visit her at