Brand New Beginnings with Judith Goedeke

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“Brand New Beginnings”
Facilitator: Judith Goedeke
Date: Saturday, March, 21, 2020
Time: 10:30 – 3:00 Additional Open Studio 3:00 – 6:00
Cost: $52.00


Come join us for a very unique opportinity to do a little soul searching, some intuitive art that hopefully will be a catalyst that inspires some creative Art Journaling.

Poem as Portal, “From Here to Brand New Beginnings”
You are warmly invited to participate in a unique opportunity that assists us in going inward and coming out wiser. In this workshop Judith's Poem will be the portal that helps ground us in what is so, then opens us to a beautiful way forward. This is a place for claiming our gifts. It is a place for discerning between the suffering life asks us to bear, and the suffering that is unnecessary. This is a place for growing strong in the hurt places. This is a place where difficulty is transformed into compassion, with no room for bitterness or numbness. This is a place to invite all that is unresolved into hearts grand enough to create peace anyway. This is a place for cultivating love for ourselves and others. This is a place of joy! This is life! Welcome!

Through the magic of metaphor, we will each land on a branch of our focus poem, and find it surprisingly familiar. From this elevated place, we see ourselves and/or others in new light. We clarify the here and now, and we live into new possibilities. Baggage can be thrown overboard and new choices will help us live our truth more fully. We will journey both privately and as a group. Your new vision will be expressed, lived into and taken into the future by creating a touchstone that will take you back to the heart of things, whenever needed, forever after.

Student Supply list:
Bring your basic kit including some pens, markers and several brushes.
Your Art Journal, one you are working in or a new one
All other supplies will be provided for you.

Bio: The enormous healing power of words compels Judith to write. She strives to clarify, challenge, redirect, own up to and celebrate life. And do damage control. Poetryʼs unique slipperiness invites us to land in surprising places, come face to face with ourselves anew and discover fresh perspectives. We connect more deeply to ourselves. We erode isolation. And we move forward more strongly. An award winning poet and retired acupuncturist, Judithʼs work appears in anthologies, literary journals and River of Silver Sky, a book of poems. She facilitates Poem as Portal workshops that foster loving self-awareness, intentional living and compassion.