Cache Collectors Mini Journal with Terry Quinn - Sunday, March 14th

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Cache Collectors Mini Journal

Instructor: Terry Quinn
Date: Sunday, March 14th, 2021
Time: 12:30-5:30pm
Fee: $78.00


Who doesn’t have a little (or big) cache of interesting papers stashed away for just the right project.  In this class you can let your creativity take flight as you construct a mini journal from random bit of interesting, recycled papers including some with your own artistic expression.

Terry has put together a pack of goodies for each student to use in the creation of your mini journal. After selecting your papers, you will prep, watercolor, stamp and collage your papers.  While your papers dry, you will construct your journal cover finishing it off with a magnetic or button closure.

The finished journal will be a one signature, pamphlet stitched with 15 sheets totaling 60 pages, front and back.  Once constructed, you will then go back and continue your creative journey by doodling, collaging, and writing on the pages of your new mini journal.

Supplies Needed to Bring:

  • Craft Mat
  • Scissors
  • Small Ruler
  • Needle with eye large enough to accommodate waxed linen thread
  • Awl or sharp pokey tool for making small holes
  • Water colors (2-3 of your favorite colors)
  • Micron Pen (black is best)
  • Stamp Pad (black or your favorite color)

    Most of these things will already be in your kits, but don't worry if you are missing something, we have these things at the shop for you to use and/or purchase.