Workshop | True Colors: Modern Landscape Painting with Kellee Wynne

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$ 125.00 
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True Colors: Modern Landscape Painting
Instructor: Kellee Wynne
Date: Saturday, July 14th, 2018
Time: 10:30 – 5:30
Class Fee: $125.00

Class Description:
Introducing “True Colors”, a new series of painting courses designed by Kellee Wynne of Kellee Wynne Studios to help any artist learn the foundation of acrylic painting while still having fun. Let’s build confidence while finding your true style in an easy, relaxed setting. By painting in an abstract manner, you can approach the canvas with the confidence of knowing that anything goes when you’re creating loose and free.
"Modern Landscape Painting” is the third class in the 3 part series that is perfect for artists at any level, from beginner to experienced.. Each class is a stand alone class and will have individualized, thorough instructions. Take one class or take all three to dive deeper into your art practice through acrylic painting. In the True Color Series you will learn:
  • Which paints and mediums to use in acrylic painting.
  • How to choose and mix colors.
  • The best ways to start a painting.
  • What makes a good composition.
  • Fun techniques to build layers of paint.
  • How to add texture to make the painting pop.
  • When to finish a painting and make your final mark.
  • Learn how to analyze your own artwork.

Students will explore a couple styles of landscape painting by practicing on canvas boards and finish with one 11x14 canvas.

 Student Supply List:

  • Art Journal, extra heavy paper for practice and to use as a “Mop up” for extra paint.
  • Golden Acrylic Fluid Paints in Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow and Primary Magenta (4oz. Size or larger)
  • Golden Acrylic Heavy Body Paints in Primary Cyan, Primary Yellow and Primary Magenta, Titanium White (4oz. Size or larger)
  • Optional additional colors in either heavy body or fluid paint by Golden: Pyrrole or Cadmium Red, Turquoise, Teal, Prussian Blue, Green-Gold, Permanent Violet Hue, Van Dyke Brown and any of your other favorite colors.
  • A variety of brushes in a range of sizes. Flat size 6, 10 and 12 are especially recommended. (Princeton Catalyst is the teacher’s favorite)
  • Professional grade Gesso, like Liquitex
  • Palette for mixing paint
  • Palette knife
  • Photos of favorite landscape images

 (Any materials you might need are available for purchase at The Queen’s Ink)

 Instructor will provide:

  • Samples of paint to try
  • Canvas boards
  • 11x14 Canvas
  • Educational handouts