"Healing House" Assemblage with Dee Gray - Sat. February 20th

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$ 110.00 
SKU: CLS-022021

"Healing House" Assemblage Workshop

Instructor: Dee Gray
When: Saturday, February 20th
Time: 10:30am-4:30pm
Class Fee: $110
Lunch break provided, however, please supply your own lunch.
Include a healthy dose of personal creativity into your new years’ resolution by joining us in the fabrication of a “Healing House” to tie together a renewed sense of compassion and peaceful contemplation for the year ahead!

Explore the art of assemblage, along with advanced techniques of layering, distressing and stenciling while experimenting with multiple color palettes, and the addition of words, chosen by you, that speak to your soul. A wonderful free-standing work of art will be yours to enjoy as a testament to your spirit and creativity and will serve as a visual inspiration to anyone with whom you chose to share.

We Will Provide:
-One 3.5x7x2’’ Unfinished Wood House
-Healing Hand
-Vintage Tin Reflector and other Embellishments to select from
-Wood Sun
-Variety of Premade Polymer Clay Stamped Words* (see note below for an early registration option)
-Patina and Brown Wax (for you to keep)
-Background stencils will be available and we encourage each student to bring their own as well.

Please Bring:
-E6000 Transparent Adhesive
-WeldBond Glue or equivalent
-Variety of Paint Brushes (Flat and Detail)
-Stencil Brushes
-Painters Tape
-Lint Free Cloth
-Roll of Paper Towels
Optional: Bring any additional embellishments that you wish to include

NOTE: Register before February 5th and Dee will create a CUSTOM STAMPED WORD (See sample photo below) for your Healing House. Please add your desired key word–up to 9 characters including spaces into the MEMO box when registering online or call us at (301) 497-9449 to process your payment and submit your healing word copy.