"Heart & Soul" with Michelle Lisenbee - Friday, February 5th

The Queen's Ink

$ 48.00 
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Heart & Soul

Instructor:  Michelle Lisenbee, RN, HNB-BC, LMT
Date:  Friday, February 5th, 2021
Time:  1:00pm-4:00pm
Class fee: $48.00

Class Description: The word, “encourage” is a heart word. It is rooted in the Latin word for heart and means, “to make strong, to hearten, to inspire, to fill with hope.” Art Hearts are heart shaped mini-messages of encouragement, love and light created by Michelle Lisenbee. They begin as blank pieces of watercolor paper and are lovingly transformed into inspiring messages with paint, stamping, stenciling, collage and mark making. Prayers and positive thoughts for those who will eventually receive the hearts are infused in every layer. Michelle has been creating Art Hearts for years and has recently felt called to begin sharing the process with others to spread more hope and encouragement in these uncertain times.

Michelle is a Holistic Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, and Mixed Media Artist. Combining her love of art and over 30 years as a medical professional allows her a unique perspective which is insightful, inspirational and compassionate. It is her vision to inspire others to connect more deeply with God, themselves and each other in as many ways possible because she truly believes connection is where healing happens.

We’d love to have you join us for this uplifting workshop. You will create your own unique watercolor paper using many of the techniques listed above, and then cut heart shapes to fit wooden bases. You will complete your “heartfelt” creations by adding inspiring messages and any finishing touches you like. The creative process will be interspersed with journaling practices to connect you even more deeply with your own beautiful heart and you will come away with three completed hearts of your own that can be displayed or gifted to loved ones.

Supplies for students to bring if able (most of these are on hand at The Queen's Ink): 

 5-6 favorite paint colors

 A few stamps and stamp pads (black for sure, more if desired)

 Mark-making tools (pens, markers, etc.)

 Scissors

 Glue stick

 Regular matte gel medium (should be on the thicker side to adhere hearts to substrate)

 Brush for applying gel medium (or you can use fingers!)

 Brayer (if they have one)

 Craft mat (if they have)

 One or two napkins for collage

 Pencil (for tracing hearts)

 Old toothbrush

 Charcoal pencil (medium)

 Journal or paper and pen.

All materials needed, will be provided.