"Intro to Graphite" with Anna M. White - Saturday, May 15th

The Queen's Ink

$ 35.00 
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“Intro to Graphite”

Instructor:  Anna M. White
Date:   Saturday, May 15th, 2021
Time:  10:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: $35

Class Description: 

We have all used pencils from our childhood, but drawing with pencils is not the same as writing with them. Sketching and drawing with graphite can be both relaxing and rewarding, and uses different techniques than we use when we are writing our to-do or grocery lists.  Drawing pencils come in different weights and there are great benefits that can come out of understanding how these affect your tones and line making, and by extension, your end results. No matter what stage of our creative journey we are in, it is always good to spend some time focusing on the basics. This class is not about being the best at drawing, but will help develop skills that can aide in the development of your art, no matter what medium you like working in.

This class will set a foundation for drawing and will teach basic exercises in balance, gradation, shading, and line creation. We will be working with the three basic Blackwing pencils in this class and discovering how to use soft, balanced, and firm graphite to create line and dimension. These are things that take practice, so Anna will is including individual follow-up sessions to review the exercises with each student in the days following the class.

The Queen's Ink will provide you with everything you need for this class. Each student will receive three amazing Blackwing pencils, drawing paper, and printed exercise sheets.

There will be more in-depth drawing classes being offered in the future and this class will form an excellent foundation for those to come.