Kaweco - Skyline Sport Twin Nib Fountain Pen


$ 55.00 
SKU: 10000652

The new Kaweco Skyline Sport fountain pen with Twin Nib will add an elegant flourish to your calligraphy with its unique point. The Twin Nib features three tines for increased ink flow; a slight recess in the central tine produces wide and narrow parallel lines with each stroke to create lovely scrollwork or shadow writing. Shadow writing is achieved with a broad line that is 'shadowed' by a much finer line, giving italic letters an interesting depth. The twin nib is great to use for journaling, invitations, greeting cards or anywhere you want to add some distinctive writing style. The stainless steel nib with iridium tip is made for Kaweco by the highly-regarded Bock company in Heidelberg, Germany.

The Skyline Sport model fountain pen closely resembles an original Kaweco 1935 octagonal design. The black resin fountain pen has a threaded cap and measures only 4.1” closed; 5.2” when posted. Cartridge/converter fill. Converter not included.