"Majestic Bones" Kit

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This kit includes Majestic Bones custom frame, header, footer, and 32 dominos.

What we found when ordering dominos, sizes were inconsistent from box to box, and it could be the same manufacture and same product number. So, we assemble our frame to match each box of dominos taking into consideration the possible size difference to ensure a tight fit.

You will need 28 dominos for our frame, so you will have 4 extras, in case of a mistake or to make ornaments from, and as a bonus we will include 4 ornament backings.

There are 5 decorative headers to choose from.

  • Crown Header 
  • Fleur de Lis 
  • Heart Header 
  • Bee Hive Header 
  • Skull Header 

Directions not included. This workshop can be purchased from Creative Arts Online beginning on August 4th, 2023.

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