Traveler's - Kraft Paper Notebook - Reg. Size #014

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Midori - Kraft Paper Notebook - Reg. Size #014

This is a Regular Size refill that uses kraft paper. An original paper is used for this notebook where both the rough texture of the kraft paper and writing suitability is achieved. The rough feeling you get from using pencils and ballpoint pens is great, but water-based pens and fountain pens also go well in a sense that it makes the ink difficult to does not stain or sink through the other side of the paper. Please use this refill freely by using it as a scrap book or as a memo. It can even be used to draw by making full use of the characteristic of kraft paper.
*Starting from March 2016, the specification for the Refill Kraft Paper (014) has changed. The paper changed to Designphil’s original kraft paper, and the binding method changed from saddle stitching to stitch bound.

Blank, 64 pages, Kraft paper (Saddle Stitched)
H210 x W110 x D40mm