'Off the Grid' with Patti Euler & Anna White - Saturday, January 15th

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Off the Grid

When: Saturday, January 15th, 2022
Time: 10:30pm - 5:30pm
Instructor: Patti Euler & Anna White
Class Fee: $130


Sixty-three is the magic number in this workshop!  Join Anna and Patti in this fast-paced, technique filled workshop.  You will create a grid made up of tiles using papers and a variety of different surfaces.  You will experiment with different surface treatments, layering techniques, and use a variety of mark making tools. This project was the end result of our Guerrilla Art event and we have had so many requests for this workshop, that we modified it for this exciting workshop! Join us for little bits of quite a lot....

Included in your workshop kit:

14 x 18 wood cradle panel

Variety of papers and surfaces


Supplies provided and shared in workshop

Paints, sprays, art crayons, white Gesso

Stencils and rubber stamps

Student supplies:

Paint brushes – Flat 1" or larger, several foam brushes

Ruler 18"


Paper towels


Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive 4 oz. (we carry it in the store and online)

Note:  There will be plenty of paints and stencils to share, however if you have a specific color or style you might want to bring a few of your own favorites.