"Piano Hinge Book" with Patti Euler - Saturday, October 1st

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Piano Hinge Book

Instructor:  Patti Euler
Date:  Saturday, October 1st, 2022
Time: 12:30pm - 5:30pm
Class Fee: $155

Class Description:

The Piano Hinge Book uses a unique binding and gets its name from the way the spine is woven together to resemble the hinge on the lid of a piano. This is Patti’s favorite binding style because you can construct this book using so many different papers and materials. This very distinctive binding is simple and fun to produce and allows for a lot of creative variations. We will be using bamboo skewers to weave the spine. This is the traditional material for the binding, but there are other options that could be used such as pencils, crayons, or knitting needles. Each student will receive a complete “Ink Drop” paper pad from Craft Consortium. The vibrant colors of this paper really showcase this binding, and there will be plenty left over to craft another book. The book is just the first part of this two-part class, because we are going to step it up a notch by altering a cigar box to create a decorated case for your box to stand in!

I hope you will find this project one you will want to do again and again. It makes a beautiful gift too.

Materials Provided:
Cigar Box
Craft consortium Paper Pad for signatures, book covers and box
Cardstock for inside pages
2 decorative hinges
Wax linen or ribbon
Bamboo skewers

Student Supply list:
Non-stick craft mat- surface to work on
¼” double sided tape
Paper trimmer for 12x12 paper
Glue stick