Platinum Limited Edition Preppy Wa Fountain Pens

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About the Platinum Limited Edition Preppy Wa

The Platinum Limited Edition Preppy Wa fountain pens are an exciting addition to the Platinum lineup. The pen collection includes six amazing designs inspired by elements of traditional Japanese culture:

Ogi Chirashi (scattered folding fans): A traditionally auspicious pattern, the folding fan that widens at the bottom symbolizes both prosperity and growth. It was also traditionally believed to ward off evil and bad fortune.

Asa-no-ha (hemp leaf): The triangle was traditionally regarded as a symbol of protection against evil spirits. The aggregated triangles forming a hexagonal shape is believed to have an even stronger power to ward off evil. Additionally, the durable and quickly growing hemp symbolizes the hope that children will grow healthy and strong.

Sakura Chirashi (scattered cherry blossoms): Cherry blossoms traditionally signal a year of good harvest, and the symbolic flower of spring also represents new beginnings, prosperity and good luck.

Karakusa (ivy): The ivy vine pattern growing every which way without breaking represents vitality, longevity and flourishing prosperity.

Reishigumo (Reishi clouds): The cloud pattern is inspired by the form of Reishi mushrooms, known as the symbol of immortality. Reishigumo is believed to be an omen of good fortune, and has been widely used in Japan as an auspicious pattern since ancient times.

Sayagata: The Sayagata pattern features interlocking manji characters of a slightly modified form to symbolize unbroken continuity that conveys hope for prosperity and longevity for the family.

Product Specifications

Nib: 03 Fine Stainless Steel

Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter (comes with 1 black)
Cartridge Type: Proprietary