Red Castle - Vases - Unmounted Full Sheet - Rubber Art Stamps

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Red Castle - Vases - Unmounted Full Sheet - Rubber Art Stamps (approx. size varies) 

Judi Kauffman has such a vivid imagination. She turned stamps from the Red
Castle Vases sheet into dolls by stamping with medium blue ink before
drawing and coloring on top of the stamped images!

Red Castle Vase Dolls by Judi Kauffman for The Queen's Ink

Have you seen the sheet of Red Castle vase stamps yet? They're elegant and
classic with lots of detail. But I like to look at rubber stamps for what
they could be and not just for what they are, don't you? It adds to the fun!
Vases with handles look a lot like women's bodies to me, and a vase turned
upside down can easily be turned into a head and neck.

Stamping in a medium blue on ivory flannel finish cardstock instead of black
on white lets the vases remain visible and at the same time they become a
shape and a mid-range color value rather than an object. The added doodling,
drawing and coloring take center stage.

Like all of the other full sheets of deep etched red rubber Red Castle
stamps now exclusive to the Queen's Ink, this one is only available until
all sheets are sold and there are only a few available, so don't delay if
it's something you'd like to own.


About these stamps:

We're very proud to be able to bring you these unique and amazing stamp sheets from Red Castle, Inc.!
These sheets are available exclusively at The Queen's Ink. Quantities are limited. There are 60 individual collections and only 2 or 3 sheets left on the planet for many of them and they will be sold first-come, first-served.

For those of you who are longtime stampers, the name and quality of Red Castle will be familiar. For everyone else, let us introduce you:

Red Castle stamps are sold only by the full sheet. They are extremely deep etched red rubber with subject matter ranging from antique images of cats, leaves, and vases to classic art, the Gibson Girls, canaries, alphabets, snowflakes, dominoes, textures, prayerful expressions, and more.

Sheets can be mounted on cling foam before trimming or they can be trimmed and used with nothing on the back, temporarily mounted on acrylic blocks that have low-tack double-sided tape on one side (on the blocks, not on the stamps). With that second option, stamps can be removed and immersed in water for clean-up. The new Stamp Platform from Tim Holtz works perfect with these stamps!

We will be gradually adding the sheets until all 60 are on line. So check back often so you don’t miss out. We will have them for sale in our shop as well.
It bears repeating: Quantities are limited!

Priced at just $29.00 per full sheet, this is a bargain you won't want to miss. And when they're gone, they will not return - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

We're bringing in super sharp blunt-pointed KAI scissors to make trimming the stamps a snap, and we've got cling foam and acrylic blocks, too.
Look for project ideas by Nancy Sheads and Judi Kauffman on The Queen's Inkling blog. Get your inks and markers ready and let the fun begin!