'The Art of Paper Cutting' with Anna White - Saturday, March 12th

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The Art of Paper Cutting

Instructor:  Anna White
Date:   Saturday, March 12th, 2022
Time:  1:00pm - 5:30pm
Cost: $95

Class Description:

Cutting paper to create artwork has been used for centuries within multiple cultures from around the globe. The earliest paper cuts date back to the Han dynasty in the 4th Century AD.  These techniques have been used to make incredibly detailed pieces and can be made from one piece of paper or by layering multiple sheets. In this class you will leave with a framed piece created from four layers. Three layers will be cut and the last will be used as a ground layer for the whole piece. In this class you will receive a brand-new X-acto knife that will be yours to keep and learn the skills needed to properly use it to create intricate shapes and designs. The skills you learn in this class will not only allow you to develop cut paper pieces of your own but, will carry over into all of your other paper arts. Proper techniques can never be underestimated and can allow you to accomplish the ideas you envision within your work.

All the materials will be provided for this class. I recommend bringing a ruler, pencil, and self-healing cutting mat if you have one.