"Time for Wine" with Laura Hummel - Thursday, April 8th

The Queen's Ink

$ 58.00 
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“Time for Wine”

Instructor:  Laura Hummel
Date:  Thursday, April 8th, 2021
Time:  1:00pm – 4:30pm
Cost: $58.00

Class Description:

Time for Wine...Painting Bottles That Is

It is so much fun to paint wine bottles or other interesting glass shape. You will be given two (empty) bottles that have been coated with gesso.  Going back and forth between the two will allow some drying time. It is best to limit colors to around 5-6, but I enjoy at least one metallic paint. Tube acrylics work best and use good quality brushes. You can do a grid pattern or add some ovals, circles, swirls, etc. Once you have completed your background it is time to decorate using paint markers.  Each student will receive 3 Posca markers in their choice of colors!

Student Supply List:

Posca Markers (Each Student will receive 3 markers from the Queen's Ink)

Pen-touch metallic markers


     -3/4 inch flat

     -1/2 or 3/8 inch flat

     -small round detail brush

Instructor will supply:

Tube Paints

2 gesso coated bottles

Pattern ideas for decorations

Glitter pens to try

Spray varnish