Workshop | A Good Day for Real Mail with Laura Hummel

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A Good Day for Real Mail with Laura Hummel

Instructor: Laura Hummel
Date: Sunday, August 18th, 2019
Time: 11:30-5:30 
Class Fee: $85

Class Description:

Join us for a fun-filled day of creating mail art and learning about some fascinating history of this sometimes crazy art form. You will be surprised by what you can send in the mail! Using a variety of papers and file folders we will create several one of kind art pieces that can actually go in the mail. We can vary the size of the file folder or use cardstock to make envelopes. We will also work with some of those beautiful scrapbook papers. Using colorants such as spray inks, paint, and gesso, the pieces will transform into beautiful backgrounds. Then we will use images, text scraps, tape, ink, and other items to add detail. You will create several pieces to pop in the mail. The people at the post office are always excited to see our creations!

Student Supply List:
6-8 bottles of spray inks of your favorite colors
Favorite journaling pens (Pitt or Micron pens preferred)
Images from magazines or collage sheets
Double sided tape (1/2 to ¾ sizes)
A few rolls of washi tape (optional)
Matte medium or a glue stick
A few paint brushes
Rubber gloves (optional)
Queen’s Ink Scrap packs (optional)
Bring your journal if you have one to soak up extra colors for background pages

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The instructor will provide: the folders, paints, gesso, stamps, stencils, additional images and papers, more washi tape, papers for labels, lots of types of sprays, and a sewing machine. 
If you have a portable sewing machine please bring it. (optional)