Workshop | Come Build a House with Sunny Carvalho

The Queen's Ink

$ 250.00 
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Come Build a House
Instructor:  Sunny Carvalho
Date: Saturday and Sunday May 16th & 17th
Time:  10:00 – 5:00
Class Fee: $250.00

Class Description: Join Sunny Carvalho for this two day whimsical workshop. Sunny will guide you in building and painting a freestyle house (“that is beyond charming and cute” so sayeth the Queen!) Your “freestyle house” will then become a shadow box dwelling that will house another piece of art! Using simple items you most likely  have around the house or in your stash,  the first day will be spent making and painting the boxes (and doing some sculpting for the character that will live in your dwelling) and the second day painting and dressing our character. You can possibly make more than one if you are a fast worker. We will have some embellishments and fabrics available to share, however this is the perfect workshop to bring some of your favorite ephemera to personalize your project..

Student Supply List:

Brushes – small liner, small filbert, medium filbert, old brushes for gel medium, other brushes that you like

For the house: any brand of acrylic paint that you like. Sunny currently is in love with the Paper Artsy Fresco Finish paints. They are matte and although opaque, you can still see the background papers through the paint. My “must have” colors are Chalk, Haystack, Granny Smith, Lake Wanaka and Rose. Any other colors that you like, yarn or ribbon to use as a hinge to connect the door to the house

For the character: The paint above in the color “Chalk”. Golden Fluid Acrylics in the following colors: Burnt Umber Light, Payne’s Gray, Quinacridone Magenta, Titanium White. Any other colors that you like.

Faber Castell Pitt Pen Black (size XS or S), a fat quarter of cotton fabric in a small print, sewing needle, large eye needle,  any other embellishments that you like

Bottle of Liquitex Ink:  Transparent Burnt Umber

Gel  Medium;  Matte

A couple of small cardboard boxes (I like the Post Office Priority Shipping boxes, you probably have one hanging around)

A newspaper (not the glossy type.  Just the regular old paper type…my very favorites are the free ones in the Asian or Hispanic markets.  I love that I can’t read the words!)

A piece of scrapbook paper for the inside of the box (optional)

Exacto Knife and small cutting surface (9 x 14” or similar)

Pliers:  Round Jewelry Pliers , Wire Cutter Pliers (The queen's Ink has several pairs to share.)

Sunny will also bring a few small kits of her ceramic faces (both blank and already painted) for purchase if you wish

The Queen's Ink will supply

Baby Wipes & Paper Towels

Wire:  20 gauge

Masking Tape

For the character:  Premier Air Dry Clay (white)

Newspaper - we have plenty

embroidery floss,

We currently have in stock chalk paints from Paper Artsy and Liquitex Ink.  Please call us if you would like us to put any of these items aside for you, and you can pick them up the day of the workshop.