Workshop | Dina Wakley Working in Series

The Queen's Ink

$ 150.00 
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Working in  Series - Playing with Images and Concepts  

Instructor:  Dina Wakley
Date: Friday,  December 1, 2017
Time: 10:30 - 5:30
Class Fee:  $150


Most great Artists take one idea: a color, a concept, an image, and use it in a variety of ways in their work or composition.  This repetition of ideas and images is artistically valuable.  It creates work that has depth and interest and helps you to grow as an artist. Join Dina in one of her newest workshops and learn as she guides you in choosing your symbols and ideas. You will work with a series of images creating small, interesting artworks that will be put together to make up your final composition.

You will make six expressive and playful small works on canvas boards. Each piece will look good on their own but will be even more powerful together.  Be sure to bring your art journal along with you to use as a "mop-up" for practice and note taking.  

Student supply list:  Basic tools that includes Ranger Craft sheet, scissors, water container to clean your brushes, baby wipes, paper towels, palette (paper plate,palette paper, or you can use a corner of your craft sheet), and a pencil.  All other supplies and materials will be provided in class. There will be a one hour break for lunch.  Brown bag it, or purchase something on site.