Workshop | Paint, Pens, Pencil, and Paper Play with Laura Hummel

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Paint, Pens, Pencil, and Paper Play
Artist Laura Hummel
Date:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
Time:  11:30 – 5:00
Price: $78.00

Class Description: 

If you love making books, working in journals, or creating collages, you will enjoy pulling from a stash of items you have made. We will be creating background pages with paint and marking “tools” and others using scraps of paper and fabric. Papers will be altered using paints and stencils and random marks. We will design old book pages with water soluble pens and napkins. We will use permanent pens to doodle painted backgrounds and papers in a small ATC or 4 by 4 inch size. These are great to use as flaps on larger papers or tuck in pockets. Tags in various sizes and colors will be colored and decorated. We will play with lots of materials and you will take home a bundle of papers and creative inspiration

Student Supplies:

Nonstick craft Mat


Paint brushes (one should be at least 1 inch)

8-10 acrylic paints

Regular soft or matte gel (Goldens)

 Paper and fabric scraps

Stablio black pencil

4-6 scrapbook pages (you really do not like as they will really be altered))

Black Micron or Pitt pen

White Sakura or gel pen

(Optional if you own) water soluble pencils and pens (Distress, Zig, etc.)

( Optionsl) A few napkins…we can do some trading too

(Optional) chalk ink pads