Workshop | PaperClay Sculpting Workshop w/Lynn Leahy

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Workshop| Let’s Play with Clay.
Instructor:  Lynn Leahy
Date:  Friday, March 6th, 2020
Time:  9:30 - 5:00
Class Fee:  $148

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In this one-day workshop Lynn will use Creative PaperClay brand clay to show you the basic technique to sculpting a face.

Painting discussion and demonstrations will be covered in class.
Sculpting instruction, demonstrations and best of to make this a successful sculpting experience (always her goal), will be provided.

The main focus is learning to sculpt the face so you can finish this project in one day. Lynn will provide butterfly or dragonfly metal bodies to add an element of fun and creativity. You can paint and enhance these elements any way you choose.All skill levels are welcome and Lynn particularly encourages beginners. It is so much easier than you think!

Student Supply List

Many of these items can be purchased through The Queens Ink. Call us if you have questions.

Please Note: You MUST bring a Ranger (or comparable) Non-Stick Heat resistant Craft Sheet as your work surface. (This is not a self- healing cutting mat) We have Craft sheets for sale at a 25% discount if you do not have one.
Basic Kit (scissors, ruler, pencil and an assortment of paint brushes

Acrylic paint. I have a personal love of Golden Brand Acrylics.

Matte Medium, any brand of liquid, matte medium.

Optional: Papers or napkins for collaging the background of your box.
Old jewelry, beads, ephemera of any kind to decorate your “ Insect”.

Glue....Weldbond is my favorite.

Small detail brushes for acrylics. A small paintbrush you will use for the clay. The size should be 10/0 or 5/0.

Lynn will provide:

A metal insect body: You will have a dragonfly or butterfly to choose from.
One package 6 oz. of Creative Paper Clay.
Vignette Box

Lynn will also bring the following tools for you to use/share in class.

They are listed below for your information in case you choose to purchase
your own but it’s not necessary. We will have them available at the Queen’s Ink should you decide you want your own set.

Kemper Brand, blue rubber nib clay tools.

Clay shaper set size 0. This is an inexpensive set of tools specifically for clay. The set has 5 tools in it.

Scalpel. Medical grade Steri-sharp small scalpel with a straight blade. X-acto knives are awesome but don’t have as thin of a blade. A scalpel works better.
These are usually found on medical supply sites.

Spray bottle.

Satin Varnish and Epoxy.