Workshop | Peep Show- Napkin Journal with Laura Hummel

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Peep Show- Napkin Play
Instructor:  Laura Hummel
Date:  Sunday October 28, 2018
Time:  11:00 – 5:00
Class Fee:  $82

Description: Love the beautiful images on paper napkins? Let’s add birds to them! Learn several techniques to enhance your mixed media art. Some ideas will be for stash building using text pages, stencils and matte gel. Then, with napkins as a background we will create double page spreads using a variety of materials. With instruction you will draw birds and butterflies to watercolor. Then details will be added with pens. These will be combined with a variety of vintage papers, postcards, stamps, postage stamps, tickets, labels, ribbons, photos, and washi tape.  We will also create a page using acrylic paints to combine a figure with a bird or other animal. You could also use a magazine image. I like to work in a large Moleskine journal (no lines), but any journal, canvas board, or heavy paper will work.

Besides your basic kit please bring the following:

Journal or heavy substrate (Moleskine and other journals are available for Purchase at The Queen’s Ink)

Glue stick


Matte medium (Prefer Golden’s)

Napkins (to use and/or trade)

Variety of vintage papers: old envelopes, postcards, tickets, postage stamps, etc.

A few rolls of washi tape and/or trims

The instructor will provide: bird templates and drawings, acrylic craft paints, a vintage envelope, postcard, 3 cancelled bird and butterfly postage stamps, text pages, and some tapes and trims.