Workshop | The Icing on your Art-Mixed Media Textura Paintings with Kae Pea

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$ 165.00 
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The Icing on your Art-Mixed Media Textura Paintings with Kae Pea
Fri, Sept 22nd 6-9 pm AND Sat, Sept 23rd 10am-4pm
Instructor: Kae Pea from RubberMoon
Class fee: $165.00 

Class Description:

In this 1 1/2 day workshop Kae Pea will share her techniques for applying Wood Icing textura paste to canvas, paper and/or board. She will guide you through ways to incorporate elements and ephemera, draw, stamp and stencil it to create a wonderful painting surface. After you have created your base you will then spend the day developing your own unique acrylic and mixed media layered painting(s) 

You will leave with two works of art, tons of inspiration and new knowledge on working with this fabulous medium!
8.5 hours (over two days) $165.00
Student supply list:

All materials are provided, however, we ask that you always bring your basic kit, your own *paint brushes and box of baby wipes, plus a few extras for this class (listed below).
* I recommend a flat brush (1/2 in to 1 in) and #8 round to have as part of your basic kit.

This comprehensive list of supplies used in class is for you to reference.
It is also recommended that when paint or any coloring mediums are
used, that you bring a few of your own to reduce share times and also to make sure you have your favorite colors or brands on hand.
This is not mandatory, only suggested.

Wood Icing (provided to share)
Palette knife (provided to share)
Canvas and /or board (provided)
Cardboard or Mat board (provided)
>black and/or gray ink pads (provided to share)
>Acrylic Paint* (provided to share)
Awl or stylus (provided to share)
Stencils (provided to share)
White Gesso (provided to share)
Stamps (provided to share)
extra baby wipes recommend for this class (please bring)
*items marked with this > you may want to bring so you have your color choices and you don't have wait times for sharing.
*Fluid or thin acrylics recommended for this class