Workshop | Woven Stitch Collagraph Book with Helen Shafer Garcia

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Woven Stitch Collagraph Book
Instructor:  Helen Shafer Garcia
Date: Sunday, September 22nd, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fee:  $145

Class Description:

This workshop will focus on a unique combination of Collagraph printmaking and book structures. The collagraph process, as the name suggests is a form of collage. Printing plates will be produced with collage and hot glue to create free flowing designs. There are tremendous opportunities to experiment with texture using this unpredictable….in a good way, method. The plate design is very versatile and durable for continued print runs, providing enough prints for two or more books, Further development on the images can be produced with mixed media. 

The multi signature book structures will be constructed with open spine woven stitches creating a color block effect on the spine. The content will include multiple image repeats from the collagraph process. These will be manipulated with water media and color pencil to individualize the pages. 

Instructor will provide:  Printmaking papers, glue, printmaking plates, linen threads, and embroidery threads, brayers and barens, glue guns, color pencils, extra brushes and other tools needed for the workshop

Student supply list: apron, ruler with cork back, one or more round watercolor

brushes #8, #10, or #12,

½ inch wide or larger acrylic brush. 4 or more Golden OPEN Acrylic colors (3 colors + white)

Acrylic matt medium

Watercolors:  Pan or personal palette (Prang, QOR, Prima, Koi etc.)